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Property Division To Secure Your Financial Stability

Getting a divorce means having to make a major emotional adjustment. It also means having to disentangle the property you and your spouse built up over the years. Getting your fair share of the marital assets might not make the emotions of divorce disappear completely, but it can be a great relief knowing that you will be financially stable moving forward.

At VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., we have helped our divorcing clients with property division since 1980. Located in Rochester, our attorneys are part of the community and strive to provide professional, high-quality service to each client.

Our founding attorney, David W. VanDerHeyden, is one of the very few lawyers in the state who is certified as a civil trial law specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA). He and the rest of our team bring a unique level of experience, care and personal attention to property division matters.

Dividing Assets In Olmsted County

Under Minnesota law, most assets acquired during a marriage belong to both spouses jointly, whether or not both spouses earned an income during the marriage. We can help you find creative and practical ways of dividing valuable assets, such as:

  • Family home
  • 401(k)s and other retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Investments such as stocks and bonds
  • Personal property, including cars, jewelry and family heirlooms

The process of getting a complete and accurate picture of your marital assets can be challenging. Our resources and knowledge in this area help us uncover hidden assets and reach the correct valuations of your assets, so you know exactly what you are dealing with. And our strength in negotiations helps us seek a settlement that you and your ex can both live with long term. While litigation in divorce is rare, we will prepare to take your case to court rather than force you to accept an inadequate settlement.

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