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Divorce Can Be One Of The Hardest Choices To Make

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer? Have you been served? Need a child custody or child support attorney? If you are thinking of filing for a dissolution of your marriage, or have been served divorce documents, you may be feeling anxious about procedures or the uncertain changes your family is going to face. Where will the children live? Who gets your marital home? What if your spouse is hiding assets or debts from you?

Getting a divorce is complicated, especially if you have children and a home to address in the process. Going about your divorce without a knowledgeable attorney can cause adverse consequences, delays and unnecessary expenses. Experienced legal representation can make a significantly positive impact on the outcome of your divorce and family law disputes.

At VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., we have been providing experienced and effective family law representation in Rochester since 1980. We help clients in all stages of divorce and can handle all matters relating to marriage dissolution. Call our firm to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case at 866-586-7905.

We Help You Protect Your Rights And The Rights Of Your Children

It is important to have an experienced, compassionate and skilled advocate working for you. We provide you with a rational and logical perspective at all stages of divorce. We will not hesitate to take your case to trial if a fair and equitable settlement cannot be reached. Our firm can help you with matters, including:

Are You Struggling To Make Sense Of Minnesota’s Child Support Guidelines?

Child support can sometimes be too overwhelming for custodial and noncustodial parents to understand. Both parents are responsible for providing for their children, but often find it hard to agree on what is fair. The Minnesota Child Support Guidelines are set out to define the appropriate amount of support a parent is responsible for paying. Our firm can help you understand how these guidelines apply in your particular circumstances and whether deviations upward or downward are necessary.

Before You Act, Consult With Our Civil Trial Specialist

Working with a certified specialist means you receive an enhanced level of skill and expertise from an attorney who is one of very few in Minnesota to receive such recognition from professional peers and judges. Our founding attorney David W. VanDerHeyden maintains certification from the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) as a civil trial law specialist.

You deserve the stability working with a certified trial law specialist provides. Our firm has extensive experience bringing the highest quality legal services for simple and complex family law matters. Call for a free consultation at 866-586-7905 or reach out to us online. VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., offers flat fees for uncontested marriage dissolution cases.