Leveraging Decades Of Experience To Protect Your Interests

Our Team Is Here For You During A Divorce

During a divorce, you might feel unsure of where to turn. Your life has changed permanently and you do not know in whom you should confide. When you need counsel about how to move forward, you can speak with our devoted attorneys at VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A..

We serve clients in the Rochester area who need experienced and personalized legal service during a separation or divorce. The firm has been in practice since 1980, which is a testament to our clients’ loyalty and our continued success. Our attorneys have handled every aspect of divorce and family legal issues, including:

  • Property division: We strive to ensure that you receive a fair property and asset division under Minnesota’s equitable distribution laws.
  • Spousal maintenance: Whether you are the supporting spouse or the dependent spouse, we help you protect your financial future.
  • Children’s issues: If you have kids, we work to preserve their best interests and uphold your parental rights in custody and visitation arrangements.

When you have us on your side, you have more than lawyers. You have the assurance that nothing will happen to you or your children that is preventable.

Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer Ready To Fight For You

We resolve the majority of our divorce cases out of court through private negotiations or mediation. However, these are not the best methods for every situation. Our founding attorney, David VanDerHeyden, is board-certified in civil trial law by the Minnesota State Bar Association. When a trial is the best option to secure a favorable divorce order, you will have our battle-tested litigators on your side.

Get Our Advocates On Your Side In A Divorce

You do not have to go through the end of a marriage on your own. At VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., you have the strength of two attorneys on your side. Contact our office to schedule your initial consultation. To reach us, call 866-586-7905 or send us an email.