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Providing Debt Collection And Recovery Services

We at VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., provide expertise to clients requiring legal assistance with collection matters. We collect all forms of debt, including judgments. Typically, bank and/or wage garnishments are used to collect the debt. A full range of other collection procedures are available to achieve successful, timely and consistent collection results.

David W. VanDerHeyden has been certified as a civil trial specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association and provides expert legal representation to individuals, insurance companies, businesses, collection agencies, banks and financial institutions in debt recovery. Civil trial specialist certification ensures that clients are receiving services from an attorney who has expert qualifications in the area of civil law and that the attorney has been formally recognized for superior achievement in civil law. David W. VanDerHeyden has also been recognized as a Certified Receivables Compliance Professional by the Receivables Management Association International.

Insurance Subrogation

VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., takes a focused, aggressive approach to subrogation with the ultimate goals of positive results, client satisfaction, ethical conduct and adherence to all laws and regulations.

With experienced pre-suit recovery specialists, our firm is focused on recovering the clients’ money as quickly as possible prior to the suit.

We have decades of collection, recovery and litigation experience that have made it possible to quickly determine which collection method(s) create the quickest and highest return for the recovery of subrogation claims and all collection claims.

Contingency structures are based on various factors, including:

  • Type of assignment
  • Average balance
  • Number of assignments
  • Date of loss, claim, audit, payment or judgment
  • Previous collection activity

We would welcome the opportunity to review and discuss the accounts you would like collected.

How Can You Dispute A Debt?

To dispute all or part of the debt call, write us or click on the link below:


What Else Can You Do?

To request the name and address of the original creditor call, write us or click on the link below:


For more information concerning our collection and subrogation practice or to schedule an immediate appointment, please contact us by calling 866-586-7905.