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We Turn Judgments Into Cash!!

Can’t collect on your judgments?

We want nonperforming or uncollected judgments.

We can help! Our firm utilizes our own proprietary system to locate and garnish the jobs and bank accounts of judgment debtors.

VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., is licensed in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Our attorneys have several years of extensive recovery and litigation experience that have made it possible to quickly determine which collection method(s) creates the quickest and highest return for the recovery of judgments and all collection claims. Our seasoned collectors and lawyers know how to collect money by locating and garnishing the bank accounts and jobs of judgment debtors.

We provide expertise to clients requiring legal assistance with collection matters. David W. VanDerHeyden is certified as a Civil Trial Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association and is also certified by the Receivables Management Association International as a Certified Receivables Compliance Professional who provides expert legal representation to individuals, businesses, collection agencies, banks, insurance companies and financial institutions in debt recovery.

Civil Trial Law Specialist Certification ensures that clients are receiving services from an attorney who has expert qualifications in the area of civil law and that the attorney has been formally recognized for superior achievement in civil law by judges and other attorneys. We collect all forms of debt, including judgments. Typically, bank and/or wage garnishments are used to collect the debt. A full range of other collection procedures are available to achieve successful, timely and consistent collection results. We offer 24/7 online payment options for debtors.

How Are We Different From Other Collection Firms?

VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., takes a focused, aggressive and robust approach to judgment recovery based upon contingency fees with the ultimate goals of positive recovery results, client satisfaction, ethical conduct and strict adherence to all laws and regulations.

We have a very extensive, sophisticated skip-trace waterfall process for each post-judgment file. The main purpose of the waterfall is to quickly locate and levy any money in deposit accounts belonging to the judgment debtor and also to verify active employment to immediately serve a wage garnishment.

Our firm uses a very unique, exquisite financial multiple vendor asset locator waterfall system to promptly find valuable debtor information and data for use in the recovery of post-judgment debt. Other firms may blindly issue restraining notices and subpoenas in an attempt to “fish” for information, unlike our streamlined, literally virtual 24/7 process that targets, verifies and identifies assets quickly to make recoveries.

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