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Olmsted County Divorce Attorneys For Farmers

Property division is a necessary part of getting divorced, but it is rarely simple. This is especially true for Minnesota’s family farmers, who live and work on the land they own. Figuring out what to do with farmland in divorce is not the same thing as deciding how to handle a house. You need experienced and effective advice and solutions from a reliable divorce attorney.

Our divorce lawyers at VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., can help you. Located in Rochester, we have served Olmsted County’s farmers since 1980. Our substantial experience handling farms as part of dividing assets in divorce will help us choose a proven strategy in your case. We will base our approach on your input and stated goals to reach a satisfying conclusion.

Minnesota Farmers And Divorce

Whether you live on your farm or not, it is likely the single most valuable asset you and your spouse own. If it is marital property, it belongs to both of you jointly. Therefore, you must decide what to do with it before your divorce can be finalized.

One of the challenges involved is determining exactly what the farm is worth. Without an accurate valuation, you cannot know if you are getting your fair share. We have the experience to valuate your farmland. To do this, we examine factors like:

  • The land itself
  • Buildings and other improvements
  • Equipment
  • Livestock and dairy assets
  • Leases, easements and other contracts
  • Business partnerships with relatives and other outside parties
  • Debts and encumbrances

Using experts and other resources, we will reach an up-to-date value for your farm. Our attorneys will use that amount to work toward your preferred solution. Depending on the details of your case, your options could include one spouse buying out the other’s share, the parties selling the farm and dividing the proceeds, dividing the farm in two, and continuing to own and operate the farm jointly post-divorce. You will be in control of the process every step of the way as we represent you in negotiations.

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