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We Will Help You Preserve Your Property Rights In Divorce

During your marriage, you were accustomed to a certain standard of living. Now that you and your spouse are getting divorced, the future might feel unsettled. You might be struggling to see how you will continue to afford your expensive lifestyle on your own. But you might be entitled to more of the household wealth than you realize.

Our attorneys at VanDerHeyden Law Office, P.A., are some of the most experienced in Rochester at divorce and complex property division. In practice since 1980, we have spent decades helping clients retain their equitable share of the wealth they helped to amass during the marriage. We have the resources and skills to reach a reasonable and sustainable property settlement that will help you maintain your luxurious living standards into the future.

Successful Disposition Of Complex Marital Assets

Our family lawyers are capable of valuating and determining how to handle highly valuable and complex assets, such as:

  • Family homes, vacation homes, rental properties and other real estate
  • Bank accounts, including overseas accounts
  • An ownership stake in a business
  • 401(k)s, Roth IRAs and other retirement accounts
  • Investments such as stocks and bonds
  • Jewelry, artwork, cars and other valuable personal property

Like most states, Minnesota uses an equitable distribution system. A divorcing couple in this state must divide their marital assets “equitably,” meaning fairly – which does not necessarily mean an exact 50-50 split. This gives you room for creative solutions that satisfy both sides, such as spousal support in exchange for giving up an ownership interest in a business.

Our attorneys will work closely with you to develop and execute a strategy for property division that respects your property rights while also minimizing costly delays and emotional turmoil. We will also advise you on which assets are nonmarital property that belong solely to you.

Experienced And Caring Rochester Divorce Lawyers

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