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4 tips to incorporate for safe holiday driving

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Winter weather often brings challenges to Midwestern motorists driving during the holiday season. The combination of limited daylight hours, navigating icy and snowy road conditions and driving to unfamiliar destinations may quickly turn into a disastrous situation.

As you commute during the winter, avoid risky driving behaviors and incorporate the following safe driving habits.

1. Schedule seasonal car maintenance.

Schedule a tune-up with your mechanic for an updated maintenance check. They can check for worn hoses, leaks, low coolant, windshield wiper fluids and the functionality of your car lights. Other ways to winterize your vehicle include replacing old tires, refilling windshield wiper fluid and checking your battery.

Stock your car with winter driving necessities, including jumper cables, a first aid kit, flares, warm clothing, blankets, an ice scraper and a snow shovel.

2. Plan for poor weather conditions.

Before leaving your home for a drive, check the weather. Plan appropriately for bustling roads or inclement weather by adding extra time to your commute. By slowing down and allowing more following distance between vehicles, you have more time to stop for cars ahead of you.

3. Protect your belongings from theft.

Amidst the busy shopping season, you may forget that vehicle break-ins still happen year-round. Deter car thieves by moving gifts or shopping bags to the trunk, locking the doors, parking in well-lit areas and remaining alert as you warm up your car.

4. Do not drive under the influence.

While celebrating the holidays, you might choose to enjoy alcoholic refreshments. On occasions when you decide to drink, enlist a designated driver to get you home safely.

It is possible to fully enjoy the holiday festivities while also making sure to drive safely.