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Reasons why establishing paternity is important

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Family Law

Perhaps you have children even though you are single. While you might not be living in wedded bliss, you love your kids the same as any other parent.

As a father not legally bonded to the mother, verifying paternity is vital. Without this proof, your relationship with your offspring may fray. Worse, legal difficulties might arise. Understanding the potential ramifications of lacking evidence should motivate you to take action.


Confirmation of a DNA link gives kids a sense of self they otherwise miss. The emotional bond between dad and child may strengthen with a DNA-proven connection.


The relationship that created your progeny may be long gone. A bitter ex-partner might wish to block you from having custody or visitation rights. A court could prevent your father-child bond from continuing without proof of paternity.


Unwed mothers have an inherent interest in establishing paternity. A link is necessary for an order of child support. Responsible fathers also want heirs to have financial security. Paternity affects the passing down of social security benefits, pensions and life insurance.


Insurance companies do not just allow any juvenile to be on health insurance policies. The child must be an offspring. Without protection, your heirs may be unable to pay medical bills. Additionally, sharing your medical history with children is a wise decision. Doctors make good use of information about genetic conditions.

There are a variety of reasons for establishing fatherhood. Do not hesitate to substantiate a genetic link with any descendants you have.