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Ways to avoid wintertime premises liability accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

Accidents happen year-round, yet certain types of disasters are specific to the cold. It is incumbent on everyone to maintain vigilance, thus reducing injuries.

Property owners are sometimes lax about safety concerns. Responsible ones take reasonable measures to lower harm. When someone gets hurt, ownership liability could lead to a lawsuit. Stay aware when traversing areas away from home.

Walk carefully

Your odds of an injury shrink when you maintain focus. Icy sidewalks should have sand on them to help prevent falling. Despite this, slippery areas may still be present. Only by looking downward will you be able to avoid the most dangerous spots. Allow yourself extra time to get from one point to the next. Those who rush are more likely to experience unfortunate consequences.

Dress appropriately

The clothing you wear can stop a tumble from becoming tragic. Wear snow boots right after a cold-weather event. Choose ones that have nonskid soles, and avoid high heels. Hats are not only warm but also an extra layer of protection. Ones with padding could prevent a concussion or a traumatic brain injury. They also protect against falling icicles, which present more danger than many realize.

Exit cautiously

Perilous conditions may not be evident when we head someplace new. Be especially careful when leaving buildings. Entryways often accumulate snow and ice left by others. Parking lots are sometimes slick. Look first before stepping out of your vehicle.

Everyone plays a part in reducing the prevalence of premises accidents. Focus on safety when out and about on frozen days.